For a Laugh

Throughout the course of our trip, we had more than a fair share of hilarious moments, our Ganote-inspired crazy faces, and infamous "One-liners". It is important to remember that it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring :)




"Banana. BANANA!!!!!"

*Talking about Quentin Tarantino*- "Do you a need a hug?"

"So...McDonalds ?"














"Nope, NOT chillin!"

"At one point I actually screamed but they couldn't hear me because they were being so loud."














"Thai Pongal, whatta gonna do?"

"FOOD CABIN?! Can I stay there?"

"We're singing, we're not hitting!"

















"Ya fam!"

"Does he know?"
















Kayla's infamous dance moves








reuben crazy.jpg






*Attempting to speak Tamil* "Is it did you eat or what did you eat?"

"This is John Mayer, right?" No, Papa Reuben, it isn't. Just sit down. 














"I have to go to the doctors.. again."

She's "Travel" sized :)














*Sarah's Teaching Voice* "Ah, yes" or "No, no, no, no, no"

Momma Sarah :)














"I knew they were making fun of me so I just stood there like grrr WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!"

Megan's notorious snack pick-ups/snack sharing powers. God bless you, Megan. 
















"There was a Moose, who liked to drink a lot of juice!" 
















"ELEPHANTS!!!!!!! Squeeeeeeee!!!" 

















"Can you take a picture?!"














*See Sam*- "Were they chillin?" 

















"Hello, Air Emirates Flyer Cynthia Ganote"